Part IV – Worship and the Arts

 Using the Arts in Worship, you will learn to experience His Words, His Light, His Aromas, His Sounds and His Presence. God created us with eyes to see and ears to hear; and gave us sensitivity to touch and feeling; and an ability to breathe in the aromas of our surroundings ~ both in our natural and our spiritual environments.  Combining the fine arts (such as Painting, Drawing, Poetry, Music, Dance and Drama) with worship, God reveals Himself to you in an intimate way ~ because art is an expression that comes from the spirit within you ~ the part of you that has become alive unto God.

As you desire to be in God’s presence daily and breathe in His glory, you will become extremely sensitive to His Spirit ~ As your character joins with His nature, you become a live expression of Who He is.

He will create in you a deeper desire to express His love through you.  You will never be the same, once you experience His deep passionate love for you.

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