Our Curriculum

Curriculum Purpose: Children will begin to reflect the character of Jesus and desire to become like Him. Nothing is more important than this! Romans 8:29

“For he knew all about us before we were born and he destined us from the beginning to share the likeness of his Son. This means the Son is the oldest among a vast family of brothers and sisters who will become just like him.” Romans 8:29

The 7 Redemptive Gifts for Children

Children actually do the teaching!  As children enter the class room, they divide into their three teams: The drama team (present the puppet plays); The Theater Team (set up sound system and puppet houses); The Worship Team (lead the class in worship each week). For more on team huddle time, click this link.

Getting to Know Who I Am is a 14-week lesson series introducing children to the 7 Redemptive Gifts.  The Gifts are given in Romans 12:6-8 ~ Prophet, Servant, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Ruler, Mercy.

The curriculum series contains a Teacher’s Manual and a Student Workbook.  Each lesson is available in PDF format and may be downloaded, copied, and placed into a Binder. Lessons include PowerPoint slides to use as a teaching aid to help children discover the Redemptive gifts, memorize Bible verses, and are reinforced in a take-home workbook.

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 The 7 Redemptive Gifts are expanded from the basic Introduction to correlate each gift with the 7 Days of Creation.  It is our hope that each child you teach will come to understand that God, the Father and Creator of the universe, designed each of them for this specific time and place in eternity and each will embrace His plan and purpose for their life.

Through puppet plays and group huddles, children will come to realize that God has placed them on planet earth specifically for this time in history and will choose to embrace their very special Redemptive Gift of the Spirit given to them by Father, God.

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In this 7-week lesson series, the 7 Redemptive Gifts are correlated with the 7 Pieces of Furniture in the Tabernacle.  The teaching focuses on children’s God-given identity, their purpose on planet earth,  and the importance of worship in their lives.

In this lesson series children experience intimacy with the Father through embracing their Redemptive Gift and entering into the Holy Place of Worship.

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Knights & Ladies of the Roundtable ~ Developing the Character of God

As children enter the classroom, they will pick up a crown or tiara and sit down at the Round Table, be given a snack, and then pray over their food asking Jesus to join them at the table as they learn the lessons presented in PowerPoint or flashcard format.  Children will make take-home flags each week depicting the four faces.

In this first lesson series of Knights & Ladies of the Roundtable, children are introduced to Jesus as the Lion, Ox, Eagle, and Man as taught from the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Children will understand their life has a destiny and purpose by identifying with the life of Jesus.  In this four-lesson curriculum, children will learn to meditate on God’s word, the Bible, and, be introduced to the throne room of Heaven, discover the existence of the 4 living creatures surrounding the throne of God.
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The theme of this four-lesson series of Knights & Ladies of the Roundtable, is Open Our Eyes, Lord.  Children will teach each lesson by acting in a Drama as the teacher narrates the lesson given directly from God’s Word, the Bible.

Children create a take-home drawing related to each lesson (Elisha, Moses, Daniel, and the Cloud of Witnesses).  There are 3 workshops in each lesson.  Each lesson my be taught 3 consecutive weeks making this a 12-lesson learning experience.  Children love the repetition of drama acting and they will be encouraged and challenged to take part in each workshop.

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In this 4 lesson workbook, entitled Priests & Kings, children will be taught the colors and beautify of creation, colors used to teach the gospel and colors used in worshipping God.

Children learn best when they are actively involved in the teaching.  In the 4 lessons they receive a Worship Kit where children will 1) demonstrate the gospel with a friend using a box of crayons; 2) worship with a streamer they have created; 3) decorate a kingly crown; 4) decorate a t-shirt with a Priestly Breastplate; 5) participate in small group exercises hearing the voice of God and meditating on His word.

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Children will begin to reflect the character of Jesus and desire to become like him by studying the 9 Manifestation Gifts found in I Corinthians 12:7-11.

The Bible teaches there are 9 different kinds of gifts in these verses.  This lesson should be taught every week for a month or longer.  It takes weekly repetition for the children to begin to move in the gifts with wisdom and understanding.  After an initial teaching several weeks in a row, you could repeat the lesson once a month for six months.  You will be amazed at the change in the children and in their prayers.

Children will learn that our God is a three-in-one God who is real, He loves them, and freely gives spiritual gifts to His children.  Children will teach a portion of the lesson through drama narrated by a teacher and will be reminded of the story of creation.

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