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Teaching children to know Jesus as Savior ~ Teaching them to know who they are in Him and Who He is in them


Free Downloadable Children's Lessons

Lessons for children teaching foundational Bible truths about salvation, baptism, Lords Supper, Holy Spirit
* Download Taking Root for Children
Written by Barbara Bloomquist Illustrator Thomas Bloomquist(Adapted from Taking Root written by Pastor Charles Schmitt for new member class at Immanuel's Church, Silver Spring, Maryland.)

Lesson 1 The Beginnings

Lesson 2 Our Savior & Lord 
Lesson 3 Baptism
Lesson 4 The Gift of the HolySpirit
Lesson 5 Growing up in God
Lesson 6 Love One Another
Lesson 7 The Body of Christ 
 Lesson 8 Jesus is Coming Again
 Review Lesson
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Additional Downloadable Lessons: 

The 7 Redemptive Gifts Lessons ~ Who Am I
 Introducing children to the gifts taught in
Romans 12:6-8.

 Table of Contents  
 Lesson 1 - Prophet  Lesson 1 PowerPoint
 Lesson 2 - Servant   Lesson 2 Powerpoint

 Lesson 3 - Teacher

 Lesson 3 PowerPoint

 Lesson 4 - Exhorter

 Lesson 4 PowerPoint

 Lesson 5 - Giver

 Lesson 5 PowerPoint

 Lesson 6 - Ruler

 Lesson 6 PowerPoint

 Lesson 7 - Mercy  Lesson 7 PowerPoint


Advanced Children's Church Curriculum 
The 7 Redemptive Gifts Curriculum
* 7 Gifts & 7 Days of Creation

* 7 Gifts & 7 Pieces of Tabernacle Furniture
 * 7 Gifts & 7 Judges of Israel

The 7 Redemptive Gifts curriculum is based on Arthur Burk's adult teachings of the 7 Redemptive Gifts.  The curriculum was written and published with Arthur's permission so that the Redemptive Gifts could be taught at a child's level of understanding.  

Click here for the Redemptive Gifts Booklet introducing these advanced lessons.  Please page down to the end of the booklet to learn about methods and suggested supplies needed to teach this new curriculum series. 
All materials Copyright New Horizons International Ministries.  Copy for profit is strictly prohibited.

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