Welcome to New Horizons International Ministries (NHIM) a children’s worship arts ministry offering resources to parents and teachers.

We encourage you to go beyond the borders of what you may think children need to know about themselves, about God, and about worship.

About Us

All of us, no matter our age, may experience a relationship with God.  We offer fresh resources to assist parents and teachers in the Worship Arts ~ Drama, Music, Art Media.

Our desire is to help you lead children and young teens to know their Creator ~ He is a real God who loves them ~ they can talk with Him and hear His voice ~ they have been given a bright future with hope, destiny, and purpose!  Click here to learn about our method of teaching.


We invite you to browse our Books written for teachers and parents to experience a closer relationship with God; and,  then pass these techniques on to the children you teach.

Visit our curriculum page for Home School, Sunday School, or Children’s Church resources to help you teach children and young teens about the Bible, Jesus, their spiritual gifts, and much more!

Introduction Curriculum on the 7 Redemptive Gifts


"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few."
              (Matthew 9:32 and Luke 2:10)

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